When our parent company Spinbliss.com opened for business in January 2013 as a web platform for local artist and business to promote their work, we quickly discovered that many of our sites members had a need for professional photography services.  So we started offering those services to our members for free and have since developed a passion for photography and have branched out to form Spinbliss Photography, a professional full service affordable photography business in St. Louis MO.   

We used to shoot weddings, senior pics, portraits, headshoots, and more, but now we only focus on shooting real estate and concerts.  

St. Louis MO Affordable Photography services

Real estate photos are $27 per 400 sqft with an $89 minimum.  

360 Tour is $65 up to 2,500 sqft.

Video Walkthrough is $85 up to 2,500 sqft.


2D floor plans are $60 per floor up to 2,000 sqft.

3D floor plans are $75 per floor up to 2,000 sqft.

​*  I can also integrate a 360 tour into your floor plan when you order both a 360 tour and a floor plan.    

​Aerial drone photos $100.  

​Concert Photos are $75 per set.  (3-5  songs) 

Every St. Louis real estate photo shoot includes...

-HDR/Flambient bracketed photos

-Window pull blending

-Sky replacement (when necessary)

-Cropping & straightening

-Spot removal

-Radial filters

-White balancing

-Exposure adjustment

-Vibrance & saturation adjustment (to correct the color of the walls)


-HDR effect (usually a light touch)

-Highlight and shadow adjustment

-Image sharpening

-Noise Reduction

-Lens correction

-Fisheye (when necessary)

-Content/patch removal

- Wall color correction

-You also get 100% of the rights to all photos until the end of time.  


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​St. Louis Concert and Real Estate photography

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